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Because the world needs more elves.

The Naked Elf
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This community is devoted to the webcomic "The Naked Elf"--itself actually two comics.

The Adventures of Twim and Sylphi:
Love, adventure, and missing spoons--it's the little things that keep us going. Twim and Sylphi are two elves in a world where just about everyone else is bigger than them--but never fear! With enough butter, soap, and cheese, they can conquer anything. Oh, and the spoon.

Updates Sundays.

The Ruby Pearl: A full-color manga-style fantasy adventure. Tchalia was born to be a princess, not a warrior. But when her father's assasination threw the young empire into chaos, the sword and the knife became her only means of survival.

What would you sacrifice to save the friend who tried to kill you?

Updates Fridays.