lady_authoress (lady_authoress) wrote in thenakedelf,

Mega comic.

Today's comic took bloody *forever* to do. Oy.

There's this problem when doing comics, that you have these ideas in your head about what you want, and what everything means, and then you get them down on paper, and then you get them into the computer and uploaded and all of that, and you wonder if any of it even comes through...

If you've been paying attention (read: if you're magically psychic and have been sitting next to me,) you've probably noticed me complaining about the stereotype of the rambunctious, imaginative child (who presumably grows into the rambunctious, imaginative adult,) a la Calvin and Kestrel and Millie.

Which is a tad hypocritical for me to complain about too much, given that Sylphi fits exactly into that mold.

I like to think, of course, that there's one thing which makes Sylphi not completely and utterly cliched. Which is that Sylphi is the way she is largely because she's fucked up. It's something I've been hinting at, as far back as comic 7, Luggage, and occasionally elsewhere, such as here and here.

And today's comic gives us a hint of what caused that fucked-up-ness. I can only hope that people understand it, and don't just look at it and go, 'Bwuh...?"

BTW, if anyone feels like bitching about whether Marilyn Manson counts as 'goth' or not, they can go fuck themselves. (Unless I actually know them and care about their opinions.) I am not going to argue about the musical preferences of a fictional character.
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