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So apparently (and people tell me this now, looong after I drew and inked and scanned and colored and uploaded the comic) that meathooks don't bleed if done right. Geeze.

Actually, I could have known this myself if I'd bothered to look at any of the reference materials (IE Modern Primitives) I have lying around, but to be honest, I kind of assumed that they'd wiped away the blood for the pictures but that it woulnd't be unreasonable for them to bleed a bit.

(Besides which, I kind of figured on folks not quite 'getting it' that the hooks were going through the cat-guy's skin unless i had a little blood in the pic.)

Anyway, a kind reader sent me this picture:

of a meathook performance at the DNA Lounge in San Fran, the one my ex was telling me about. (And of course, now my current BF pipes up, "Oh, I think I've seen that.")

Same man, from the front: Hrm. Looks erect to me...

Hey, here's a closeup of the man's back, getting the hooks.. in? out? Probably out. Remarkably blood-free, all things considered. Although that fellow is standing there with what look like tissues, so there may be some blood loss after the hooks are removed.

Skin is remarkably strong, isn't it?

There are lots of other fun pictures. I'm sure you can find them on your own.
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